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There is Illegal interference in the battleground states: Voter Fraud Rising

Matthew Vadum,  There is already evidence that voter fraud is being perpetrated in critical battleground states like Virginia and Colorado a month before Election Day. Voter fraud is commonplace. Completely eliminating it is impossible. The most policymakers can do is create laws and policies that attempt to minimize it. Voter fraud is unlawful interference with

Fixing Elections: How Democrats Win

Susan Stamper Brown, Democrats are counting…on those extra votes from your great-grandfather who crossed into the afterlife in 1970 and the undocumented immigrant who crossed the border last week. Or, maybe even a few canine votes from leftist author Anne Lamott groupies who might take her “Good Dogs for Clinton” social media campaign too literally.

Woman Voted for Obama 6 Times and Got Away With It

Progressive liberals often argue against voter ID laws by making the ridiculous claim that it is too hard for minorities to get an ID, therefore their vote will be suppressed.  They also claim that voter fraud is non-existent. Both of these claims are patently false, as North Carolina, among many other states, offer free voter