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Opinion: How should a conservative vote?

Dan Hannan, I can’t think of a U.S. election since the Civil War where neither of the main candidates has been either conservative or Republican. Until now. Donald Trump never properly pretended to be a conservative but, until last week, he was notionally a Republican. True, he had come late and maliciously to the GOP.

Trump ‘Not Running to Be Pope–He’s Running For President’

Former United Kingdom Independence Party chairman and leader of England’s ‘Brexit’ campaign Nigel Farage discussed Donald Trump’s lewd remarks about women, and what effect it would have on his campaign going forward, on the Cost of Freedom. “It’s going to be pretty ugly tomorrow,”  Farage said of Sunday evening’s debate. “The sad thing is the big

Italian MEP: ╦ťBilderberg is the Root of All Evil’

European Parliament member blames secretive group for wrecking Italy’s economy. As the secretive group gears up for its annual confab in Copenhagen next week, Italian Member of the European Parliament Mario Borghezio has slammed the Bilderberg group as being “the root of all evil,” blaming the organization for Italy’s economic crisis. Borghezio, who is a