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Chuck Todd Elicits the Real Reason Schumer Opposes the Gorsuch Nomination

Jennifer Van Laar, On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd grilled both Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer about Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, the nuclear option, and filibustering. In the course of the conversation, Schumer’s real motivation for wanting to stick to the 60-vote rule was revealed.  Back on February 1st, Schumer insisted he merely wanted a fair process:

Memo to the Left: Choose your battles — and your tactics — wisely

Laura Hollis, Playing With Fire. Having lost the election fair and square, Democrats are still seething. They have apparently decided to retaliate by attacking everything done by the new Republican administration. First, it was the election itself. The party line — with no hard evidence (and despite statements to the contrary by WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange)

Conway slams Democrats’ vow to filibuster Trump Supreme Court pick

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said Monday that Democratic senators who have vowed to filibuster President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee are in the business of “permanent protest.” “They don’t even know the person’s name yet,” Conway told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on “The First 100 Days.” “They haven’t even met him or her

Dems to Filibuster All Supreme Court Nominees

Daniel Greenfield, That simplifies things. Back in the Obama days, the Dem line was that the President of the United States could nominate anyone he wanted and that the Senate had a Constitutional duty to hold hearings, advise and consent, and that was that. Or at the very least, Merrick Garland deserved a hearing and

Trump set to name Supreme Court pick on Tuesday

The Supreme Court is coming to primetime. President Trump on Monday announced on Twitter he was set to name his pick for the nation’s highest court on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET. Trump said he already had made his decision. Once the selection is announced, the Senate would need to debate and vote on

Trump says he’s down to ‘probably three or four’ Supreme Court candidates

President-elect Donald Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview Thursday that he had narrowed his list of potential Supreme Court nominations “down to probably three or four” candidates and said an announcement would come “pretty soon.” “They are terrific people,” Trump said on “Hannity.” “Highly respected, brilliant people.” This past May, Trump

Judging Trump: Supreme Court choice on president-elect’s immediate agenda

Voters chose Donald Trump, but now he hopes to return the favor with a looming far-reaching decision that could impact the lives of Americans on a range of hot-button issues for another generation. No longer a question of if, but whom and when, the next member of the U.S. Supreme Court will almost certainly be

Will Democrats filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee?

Democrats are squirming at the thought of Donald Trump’s upcoming opportunity to nominate a justice for the Supreme Court. And while they’re thinking about giving the Republicans a taste of their own medicine by obstructing any nominee, it could come with a potentially crippling cost. The Democrats are still smarting over their counterparts’ treatment of

Now it’s Trump’s chance to change the narrative

Cal Thomas,   Donald Trump’s impressive victory in Tuesday’s election offers him a rare opportunity to change the narrative. Secular progressive policies at home and abroad are not working. The establishment has had its chance — multiple chances, in fact — to fix things, but it has failed, or didn’t try, under Republican and Democratic

You, Too, Could Vote for Donald Trump

Debra J. Saunders, The political press corps has known Bob Stern as the straight-arrow president of Los Angeles’ Center for Governmental Studies who helped Jerry Brown create the Fair Political Practices Commission in 1974. Since the center closed its L.A. offices in 2011, Stern seems to have developed a devious side — or was it

Trump expected to release new list of potential Supreme Court justices

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was expected to release a new list of potential Supreme Court nominees on Friday that NBC News said would include U.S. Senator Mike Lee, a prominent supporter of former Trump foe Ted Cruz. Campaign aides said the list would be announced later in the day. Trump has already released one

The Supreme Court Really Matters in This Election

Albert R. Hunt,  For a half century, presidential candidates have routinely claimed that there are no bigger stakes in the election than the next appointments to the Supreme Court. This year, for the first time since 1968, the dire warnings could actually have an important effect on voting behavior. Since the death of Justice Antonin