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Arizona Elector: Obama Should Have Publicly Discouraged Anti-Trump Death Threats

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars, “It’s full on onslaught” Arizona elector Robert Graham says the number of death threats made by Hillary Clinton supporters against Republican electors set to vote for Trump today should have prompted President Obama to publicly discourage such intimidation. Appearing on Fox & Friends, Graham said that he was personally followed

Electoral College Electors Form 527 Group To Prevent Trump From Becoming President

Matt Vespa, It seems the ghosts of Never Trump are rearing their heads with the electors in the Electoral College. Okay—maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the shell-shocked anti-Trump electors are mounting one last ditch effort to prevent Donald Trump from officially winning the election. The electors cast their ballots on December 19

More Electors Get Death Threats From Hillary Voters

Paul Joseph Watson, Texas member of electoral commission tells them to “go to hell” A member of the electoral commission in Texas says his colleagues are getting death threats as angry Hillary supporters ramp up the pressure before electors cast their vote on December 19th. Hillary voters around the country are bombarding electors with emails,