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Trump Has a Grating Style but Significant Substance

Michael Barone, Substance and style — it’s easy to get them confused or mistake one for the other. And they’re never entirely unconnected, though exactly how much so is a matter of debate. That’s especially true when it comes to evaluating Donald Trump’s performance — a word particularly ambiguous in his case, as referring to

Ditching Electoral College Would Allow California to Impose Imperial Rule on a Colonial America

Michael Barone, They’re still counting the votes, going on four weeks after the election, in California. In Brazil, a nation with much more challenging geography, they manage to do it in five hours. The seemingly endless dillydallying of California’s (presumably union-represented) public employees has obscured two interesting things about this year’s presidential election. The first

Would Another Republican Have Defeated Hillary Clinton?

Michael Barone, Would any Republican besides Donald Trump have beaten Hillary Clinton and been elected the 45th president? It’s an interesting question, not susceptible to a definitive answer but with consequences for politics going forward. Last fall, I shared the widespread view that Clinton was the only Democrat who could lose to Trump and Trump

Will Trump Make a Race of It in the Debates?

Michael Barone,  In the midst of the most debate-heavy week of the fall campaign season, with the vice presidential debate last Tuesday and the second presidential debate Sunday, let’s look at what remains uncertain about this year’s bizarre contest. For those of you who are reading this column after Sunday night, the first and largest

What Happens to the Democratic Party When Clinton Loses?

Michael Barone, There’s been lots of speculation about the fate of the Republican Party if (as most of the prognosticators expect and hope) Donald Trump loses. There’s been less speculation, though recent polling suggests it may be in order, about the fate of the Democratic Party if Hillary Clinton loses. Certainly there’s reason to think

HBO’s John Oliver laughs about crime while innocent Americans get killed

Newt Gingrich, On his program this week, HBO comedy show host John Oliver mocked my suggestion, in defense of Donald Trump, that crime is on the rise. Oliver said I prioritized feelings over facts in arguing that America is becoming less safe. He focused on a CNN interview in which the host insisted that crime

The Dogs That Aren’t Barking — and Those That Are — in 2016

Michael Barone, Let’s look back on the primary campaign — completed for Republicans, still ongoing for Democrats — and see if we can identify what Sherlock Holmes referred to as dogs that didn’t bark. For what’s unusual about this campaign is not only that unexpected things happened — improbable candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Will the Trump Nomination Change Our Polarized Partisan Patterns?

Michael Barone, An irresistible force meets an immoveable object. The irresistible force is the sense of discontent with how things have been going during this young century. Americans are displeased with a sluggish economy that fell into a deep recession and with foreign policies that seem to have produced disappointing results. The immoveable object is

Veterans affairs scandal further discredits Obama’s big government policies

President Obama evidently was caught by surprise by the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs. So, apparently, was VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, who evidently took at face value the corrupt VA statistics — and who, after a distinguished military career, resigned last week. One who was probably not taken by surprise is longtime Yale

Political Competition, Not Racism, Changes Voter Alignments

Michael Barone  Have the Republicans become the white man’s party? Are the depth and bitterness of Republicans’ opposition to Barack Obama and his administration the product of racism? Those are questions you hear in the clash of political argument, and you will hear plenty of answers in the affirmative if you click onto MSNBC or

An Oregon Study Casts Doubt On Whether Health Insurance Improves Health


By: Michael Barone Does having health insurance make people healthier? It’s widely assumed that it does. Obamacare advocates repeatedly said that its expansion of Medicaid would save thousands of lives a year. Obamacare critics seldom challenged the idea that increased insurance coverage would improve at least some people’s health. Now, out of Oregon, comes a