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FBI Director James Comey has so much power now, J. Edgar Hoover would be jealous

Michael Goodwin, Each day, FBI Director Jim Comey goes to work in a federal building named for his most famous predecessor. Yet for all his storied accomplishments and sordid controversies, J. Edgar Hoover never matched the singular feat of Comey. Only Comey simultaneously investigated the top two presidential candidates during an election. Hillary Clinton and

Thank you Hillary, for reminding us why we’re lucky you lost the election

Michael Goodwin, Thank you, Hillary Clinton. Thank you for ­reminding America about the importance of Donald Trump’s victory and of the awful consequences if you had won. Clinton sent out a taunting tweet of “3-0” after the three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously slapped a halt on Trump’s executive order on

Democrats are becoming the party of secession

Michael Goodwin, Let’s agree that President Trump’s travel ban on visitors from seven nations was a sensible idea hobbled by flaws, especially regarding green card holders and dual citizens. Let’s also agree we haven’t seen a rollout this clumsy since the debut of ObamaCare, which was far more serious because it penalized millions of Americans

Dear liberals, start practicing the empathy you preach

Michael Goodwin,  Elections have consequences and an obvious one now is your distress. Your grief over Hillary Clinton’s defeat is understandable, but your rage over Donald Trump’s victory is not. Yet instead of searching for the reasons, you embarrass the city by booing Mike Pence at “Hamilton.” You screech over Trump’s personnel picks and reflexively smear people

Trump’s victory is about change. And our biased mainstream media must change, too

Michael Goodwin, Oh, the gnashing of teeth, the outrage, the umbrage. The spitting mad media are mounting soapboxes to combat the president-elect. Donald Trump’s offense against God and man was that he flew to meet President Obama and left behind a pool reporter who should have been on Trump’s plane. A seething scribe declared it

Trump Slams Media in Miami: ‘never been dishonesty like we have seen in this election’

Jeff Poor, MIAMI – Wednesday during his rally at Bayside Park, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hammered the media for its coverage of the 2016 presidential election that he argued favored his opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump called integrity in journalism an important issue, but then denounced the media as “dishonest” and cited

Obama admits he’s learned nothing as president. And he’s proud of it

Michael Goodwin,  News flash: President Obama didn’t learn anything in eight years in the White House. And he’s proud of it. As Obama admitted in an interview with New York magazine: “If you go back and you read speeches I made when I was running for the US Senate in 2003, or if you go

Our biased mainstream media loves Hillary. Their adoration could cost her the election

Michael Goodwin,  Back when I was a pup in the newspaper business, legendary reporter Peter Kihss gave me lifetime advice about covering politicians. Remember, he said, there are no such things as stupid questions, only stupid answers. Which brings us to Lester Holt and the accusations that the moderator tipped Monday’s debate in favor of

Terror attacks keep coming but much of America still remains trapped in a 9/10 mindset

Michael Goodwin,  Some 15 long years after the horrors of 9/11, much of America remains trapped in a 9/10 mindset. The latest evidence involves the alleged bomber who wreaked havoc in New York and New Jersey last weekend. The blood ran when the Chelsea blast injured 29 people, but now come reports that make the

Edward Snowden is not a hero and there’s no way he deserves a pardon

Michael Goodwin,  We interrupt our regular dispatches on mendacity, chaos and polarization to bring you this special bulletin: Good news is breaking out across the country! True story. Despite a push from the American wing of the anti-American movement to get traitor Edward Snowden a pardon, nobody holding important power is buying it. Not the

See biased media in action look at the absurdity of the Clinton collapse coverage

Michael Goodwin, It is said that history turns on small hinges, and now maybe the presidential race does, too. For hinges don’t get much smaller than the 20-second video of Hillary Clinton collapsing and being lifted into her security ­vehicle. Without it, Americans would still be clueless about Clinton’s serious health issues. Because of it,

Huma and Monica – A tale of two interns

Michael Goodwin, Soon after Huma Abedin announced that she was separating from serial sexter Anthony Weiner, Clinton campaign water carriers insisted the family’s troubles were a private matter and not public fodder. A noble sentiment, but it’s a little late for such drivel. In fact, the Abedin saga offers a case study of how getting