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Get a Grip, Losers and Deal with It

Michael Reagan, It’s all over. So why are people still arguing about something Donald Trump said three weeks ago? Why are protestors milling around the streets of our cities holding up misspelled signs and promising revolution? The argument ended early Wednesday morning when the votes were counted. Trump won. It was shocking, amazing, impressive, historic

Perfect Pence, Now that was a #Debate

Michael Reagan, The Mike Pence-Tim Kaine bout Tuesday night wasn’t the main event of 2016. It was what they call in boxing an “undercard” match. It was a contest between two natural lightweights – the VP candidates. There was no exciting 12th round knock out. But Pence and Kaine engaged in a good, spirited political

It’s Not the Gun’s Fault

Michael Reagan, It happened after Sandy Hook. It happened after San Bernardino and Orlando. It happened last week after Dallas. Whenever a spoiled young nut job, wannabe Islamic terrorist or disturbed cop-hater goes on a mass killing spree, liberals and their choir members in the mainstream media can be counted on to react in the

A Warning To The State Of Pennsylvania

Michael Reagan  Be careful, Pennsylvania people. You can’t afford to blow it this fall. Your great state is, I’m sorry to say, already not so great when it comes to fiscal solvency. Don’t make it worse by dumping your Republican governor, Tom Corbett. Despite the Marcellus Shale boom that’s turned Pennsylvania into the Saudi Arabia