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Thanks to Capitalism, the Future Is Quickly Arriving

Michael Schaus, The future is apparently upon us. It’s true that we don’t yet have flying cars, cities built on clouds or Back-to-the-Future-style hover boards. But we are on the verge of having self-driving cars. And we already have telephones with more computing power than the system that successfully landed men on the moon. And

Don’t Believe the Propaganda — ESAs in Nevada Are Far from Dead

Michael Schaus, Contrary to the fulminations coming out of program opponents, ESAs are not dead and the law was actually found to be constitutionally solid on multiple critically important points. It now looks like the defenders of the status quo — the people more concerned with funding failure-ridden public schools than expanding educational opportunities for

If cronyism is the problem, maybe we should stop empowering its enablers

Michael Schaus,  America’s young adults don’t seem nearly as turned off by socialism as do their parents and grandparents. Actually, they seem pretty receptive to the concept. No doubt decades of class warfare have helped make younger generations feel more inclined to “soak the rich.” But, it also seems likely they’re more prone to flirting

ESAs aren’t about politics ” they’re about the students

Michael Schaus, If Nevada is serious about improving education throughout the state, it needs to begin focusing on children — not taxpayer-funded bureaucracies. By using students and teachers as little more than political props, the established public school system routinely pressures voters, taxpayers and politicians for an ever-increasing amount of funding. Governor Brian Sandoval used

Supreme Court cites imaginary budget concerns, calls Commerce Tax repeal effort ˜deceptive’

Michael Schaus, Tax-and-spend cheerleaders are celebrating today, now that the Nevada Supreme Court has ruled against State Controller Ron Knecht’s Commerce Tax repeal effort. The ruling sends the issue back to a state judge in Carson City, and requires petitioners to begin their efforts from scratch — with just over a month left to collect

Nevada’s new Commerce Tax is a throwback to the days of the Great Depression

Michael Schaus, One of the problems with “progressive” ideas is that they often turn out to be the recycled remains of already tried-and-failed concepts. Nevada’s Commerce Tax — set to take effect this summer — is a prime example. Billed as an innovative tax on large businesses, the Commerce Tax will soon slap a new

Detroit Retirees Asked to Pay for Decades of Democrat Government

Michael Schaus  Retired city workers in the Liberal Utopia of Detroit are being asked whether or not they want the city to exit bankruptcy, by slashing retirement pensions and cost of living adjustments. Officials are urging retirees to agree to a 4.5 percent cut in pension payouts, and an end to COLA. Unsurprisingly, some former

In Other News: White House Employee Makes $100,000 for Penmanship

Michael Schaus  The White House Calligrapher makes just under $98,000 per year… I never imagined “calligrapher” as a viable career option. In fact, I’m pretty certain that was not on the list of career possibilities that my college advisor shared with me in high school. (Breitbart) Land of the (mostly) free… Americans are beginning to

Chicago Liberals Outlaw the Firearm Industry

Michael Schaus  Chicago Liberals have decided to do what they do best: kill businesses and ban firearms simultaneously. The new gun laws proposed by the city of Chicago are being described (by admitted leftists) as the “smartest in the Nation.” Needless to say: They’re pretty dumb. A Federal Judge recently demanded that the city develop

It’s Father’s Day¦ Now Go Buy a Gun

Michael Schaus  Seriously… You can annoy a liberal, and save money at the same time. It’s like some sort of a magical set of circumstances that were created especially for gun enthusiasts on a budget. Gun stores currently have an overstock of merchandise, as sales decline from last year’s record breaking numbers. To consumers this

How to Teach a Liberal: Whiskey, Free Markets, and Democracy

Michael Schaus  Hunt down your favorite label of rye, and keep an extra bottle in your cabinet. Due to market forces beyond our control, the great whiskey drought of the 2010’s will soon be upon us. I know what you’re thinking: Is this how the apocalypse arrives? Peter Venkman probably articulated the magnitude of this

Another Business Gives into the Anti-Gun Agenda

Michael Schaus  I’m generally a fan of businesses deciding for themselves how they should comply with local laws… But, there is a caveat: They shouldn’t be spineless panderers to liberal leftists in their efforts to assuage the political tension in modern America. And while getting a handmade burrito at Denver-based Chipotle might not seem like