Muslims Thought They Were Drinking ‘Holy’ Liquid – They Had No Idea It Was Actually THIS

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Okay, I’m officially grossed out here. I didn’t know of this disgusting practice. Evidently Muslims drink camel urine for health reasons. Muhammad evidently prescribed it in Islamic doctrine and it has been a booming business ever since. Some women bath and wash their hair in it because they think it makes them look… [Read More]

‘Lord Of The Rings’ Actor Says What No One Else Will About Islam And Christianity

The West has “lost its moral compass” and sits aimlessly doing nothing as Christianity in Africa and the Middle East is being wiped out, according to Welsh-born actor John Rhys-Davies, who played the dwarf Gimli in the Lord of the Rings movies. “There is an extraordinary silence in the West,” said Rhys-Davies on Adam Carolla’s… [Read More]

Christian persecution spurs charity, calls for more asylum

A Syrian archbishop said the United States‘ reluctance to offer asylum to persecuted Christians is “unjust” and appealed for help withstanding Islamic militants fighting to root out their faith. Aleppo Archbishop Jean-Clement Jeanbart pleaded on Tuesday while visiting Philadelphia for help for those who don’t receive asylum and remain in the Middle East. “If you… [Read More]

Obama Bets Nuclear Deal Will Change Iran’s Regime; Few Agree

Michael Barone,  “Faute de mieux.” That means “for want of something better” in Secretary of State John Kerry‘s second language. It’s also the best case made by its journalistic defenders for approval of the nuclear weapons deal Kerry negotiated with Iran. Or to be more exact, for rallying 34 votes in the Senate or 146… [Read More]

The Persecution Of Christians Is Intensifying As Anti-Christian Hatred Sweeps The Entire World

Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream There is very little that the entire world seems to agree upon, but there is one very frightening trend that is now taking hold literally all over the globe. A passionate hatred of Christianity is sweeping across the planet, and very few global leaders have been willing… [Read More]

Sailor shot in Tenn. terror attack dies; gunman reportedly failed drug test at nuclear plant

As the death toll in Thursday’s massacre of Marine and Navy personnel by a radical Islamist in Chattanooga, Tenn., climbed to five Saturday, it was revealed that the jihadist once secured a job at a U.S. nuclear plant but was let go when he reportedly failed a drug test. The Navy announced Saturday that Navy… [Read More]

Iran’s supreme leader says nuke deal won’t change policy on US

 Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday that a historic nuclear deal reached with world powers earlier this week won’t have any effect on Iran’s policy toward the U.S. Khamenei said in a televised speech that U.S. policy in the Middle East runs counter to Tehran’s strategy and that Iran will continue to support… [Read More]

Invasion USA: Illegal and Legal Immigration

Cliff Kincaid, Investigative journalist Jim Simpson discusses the invasion of the USA through illegal and legal immigration, via Mexico and the Middle East. However, Christians are NOT part of this wave of immigrants from the Middle East. Simpson is the author of the new book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase… [Read More]

McConnell: Iran deal will be ‘hard sell’ in Congress

 Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other congressional leaders expressed doubts Sunday about a historic agreement with Iran to address that country’s nuclear program, predicting President Barack Obama could face hurdles in Congress if negotiators reach a final deal. McConnell spoke minutes after diplomats said on Sunday that negotiators at the Iran nuclear… [Read More]

South Korea reports three new MERS cases, Thailand says none

South Korea reported three new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome on Sunday, bringing the total to 169 in the largest outbreak outside Saudi Arabia, but Thailand said it had no new infections. South Korea’s Health Ministry late on Saturday reported the 25th fatality, a patient who had suffered a heart ailment and diabetes. The… [Read More]

Hospital at center of South Korea’s MERS suspends services; seven new cases

A South Korean hospital suspended most services on Sunday after being identified as the epicenter of the spread of a deadly respiratory disease that has killed 15 people since being diagnosed in the country nearly four weeks ago. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called an emergency meeting for Tuesday on South Korea’s “large and… [Read More]

South Korea’s Pres. Park postpones U.S. trip as MERS cases rise to 108

South Korean President Park Geun-hye postponed a U.S. visit on Wednesday to supervise the handling of an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), as two more people died and 13 new cases were reported, lifting the total number of patients to 108. Park had been due to leave for the United States, her country’s… [Read More]