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Larry Elder: Why Kerry Let the Palestinians Make a Fool Out of Him

 For reasons perhaps only psychiatrists understand, Democratic presidents seek, at last, finally and forever, to “solve” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Maybe it’s something akin to discovering that ultimate, clean-burning, renewable source of energy. Then when the talks collapse, an inevitability as long as one side refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, […] Continue reading →

2014s top 10 Global Political Risks

 Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world’s biggest risks have been economic. From a euro zone meltdown, to a Chinese hard landing, to the U.S. debt crisis, analysts have spent the past five years worrying about how to stave off financial implosion. That’s over. In 2014, big-picture economics are relatively more stable. But geopolitics are […] Continue reading →

The New York Times Destroys Obama

 Caroline Glick,  The New York Times just delivered a mortal blow to the Obama administration and its Middle East policy. Call it fratricide. It was clearly unintentional. Indeed, is far from clear that the paper realizes what it has done. Last Saturday the Times published an 8,000-word account by David Kirkpatrick detailing the terrorist strike […] Continue reading →

Israel vs. Islamists: Setting the Record Straight

Muslim-on-Muslim violence is what the world should be condemning. Instead, the Brits put up a “wall” in London the protest the security wall that discriminates against suicide bombers. Lets’ set the record straight before the year ends: Israel is not an apartheid Nazi state. Islam is the largest practitioner of both gender and religious apartheid. […] Continue reading →

Israel, Gulf in 'strange alliance' against Iran

When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made another stop in the Middle East this month, he received an expected earful over Washington’s outreach to Iran: Don’t trust Tehran, tighten sanctions even more, anything short of complete nuclear concessions is a grave mistake. Kerry’s meeting wasn’t in Israel, though. It was in Riyadh, listening to […] Continue reading →