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The 13 Reasons I Owe Democrats an Apology

Michael Schaus,   I owe Democrats an apology. Flipping through some of my hate mail (I lead a tremendously exciting life, as you can see) it dawned on me that it’s quite possible conservatives are a little too hard on our liberal friends. (Also: I’m trolling for more hate mail.) And so, with reserved humility, I […] Continue reading →

Michael Reagan: Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

Where does the Obama Administration find these people?  How did Marie Harf – the deputy spokesperson for the State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs – get her job? On Monday she provided the latest proof that Barack Obama and the people he’s surrounded himself with are not just dangerously incompetent, they’re idiots. Appearing on MSNBC‘s […] Continue reading →

NY Professor: Global Warming Created ISIS

Michael Schaus,  Your SUV is apparently responsible for all those beheadings in the Middle East. That’s right: ISIS is nothing more than a product of global warming, according to some non-scientist from John Jay College in New York. I know I was surprised to learn that 1.4 degrees of warming (over the last century) was […] Continue reading →

Why Does Centcom Need a Twitter Account Anyway?

 Before it was hacked yesterday, the Twitter account of the U.S. military’s Central Command churned out mostly buzz-free tweets on its operations in the Middle East. Nothing was much catchier than the frequently repeated: “Military Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria and Iraq.” The attack by a group calling itself the CyberCaliphate took over the […] Continue reading →

Controversial? Owner Declares Her Store a ‘Muslim-Free’ Zone… Find Out Her Reasoning

 Radical Muslims have claimed territory in the Middle East, Europe and even Washington, D.C. But there’s one place in Arkansas they’d better think twice about before claiming for Allah. Jan Morgan, owner of The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Ark., is probably better prepared than most to defend her establishment from Muslims — none […] Continue reading →

Diplomacy Failed in Iran: Fund Missile Defense

George Landrith,   The US and several other nations have been in “talks” in hopes of negotiating with Iran to stop its nuclear program in exchange for lifting the UN sanctions. But those negotiations have gone no-where. On Monday, the deadline came and went without an agreement. Extending the deadline to permit more “talks” will not […] Continue reading →

US And Iran Are Closer Than Ever To A Deal That Would Transform The Middle East

Christian Science Monitor,  Just hours after nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers missed a Monday deadline, yielding instead a seven-month extension of negotiations, one sign indicated a combative return to business as usual. In a speech to visiting Muslim clerics, Iran’s supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, devoted just two lines to the talks: “In […] Continue reading →

Putin Sells Guns while Obama Goes Golfing

Michael Schaus,   I know who I’m contacting for my next AK-47 variant. Vladimir Putin is stepping up Russia’s arms business in the wake of increased volatility throughout the Middle East. Apparently the Bond villain in Moscow realized that relying on America to fork over hundreds of millions of dollars – for a few spontaneously-combusting rocket […] Continue reading →

Unrest in East Jerusalem as Violence Erupts: Israel doesn’t care what Obama thinks

Clashes erupt as Israeli police kill Palestinian suspected of shooting Jewish far-rightist  Israeli police on Thursday shot dead a 32-year-old Palestinian man suspected of having tried hours earlier to kill a far-right Jewish activist, leading to fierce clashes in East Jerusalem and fears of a new Palestinian uprising. The Al-Aqsa compound, or Temple Mount, a […] Continue reading →