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Trump Inauguration Event Relocates After Venue Caves to Leftists

Dan Lyman | Infowars, Militant SJWs attempt to shut down sold-out ‘DeploraBall’ Organizers of the 2017 DeploraBall in Washington, D.C., were forced to move the sold-out event to a larger venue after the original venue gave in to social justice warriors. Planning for DeploraBall has been underway since Trump swamped Hillary Clinton on November 8th,

Hacker Claims ‘Racist Hillary’ Tape Set to be Released

Paul Joseph Watson, ‘100 times worse than the Trump tape’: Too good to be true? A hacker posting on the 4chan message board claims that he is in possession of a tape that shows Hillary Clinton making racist remarks about an African-American woman. The individual, who claims to be linked to the John Podesta email

Hillary Clinton Secretly Signaled Moderator during Debate

Adan Salazar, Video claims Clinton signaled for opportunities to zing Trump; pro-poker player agrees. Hillary Clinton used hand signals to communicate with moderator Lester Holt during the first US presidential debate, a four time world champion poker player has stated. A video recently uploaded to Youtube depicts the former secretary of state scratching her face

Latinos For Trump Rally Aug 28th Orange County CA #OperationTacoBowl

Hi, it’s me mark f. you shared one my videos a few months ago.Since then our latino support for trump has grown. We are having a Latinos For Trump Rally Operation Taco Bowl – Latinos For Trump Rally Sunday, August 28th Orange County California Latinos for Trump will be holding a rally in Orange County,

A Paid by Hillary Protester Met with National Review Editor to Plot How to Take Down Trump

Jim Hoft, On Tuesday Alexander McCoy and several paid Hillary activists protested Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York City. PAID HILLARY PROTESTER MET WITH NATIONAL REVIEW EDITOR RICH LOWRY TO DISCUSS HOW TO DEFEAT TRUMP!Rich Lowry is the editor of the so-called conservative magazine National Review. These people aren’t just #NeverTrump –