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Auditor: Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces

Free Beacon – by Ali Meyer An auditor for the Government Accountability Office told lawmakers  Wednesday that in the next few years the federal government will owe more than our entire economy produces. Gene Dodaro, the comptroller general for the Government Accountability Office, testified at the Senate Budget Committee to provide the results of its audit

Obama has Plans to Force Energy Rates to Skyrocket

When President Obama ran for office in 2008, he promised he’d implement new policies that would force electricity rate to “necessarily” skyrocket.  Here we are six years later and President Obama is set to announce new, major regulations on power plants in the name of climate change. The New York Timesis calling it the boldest

Obamacare: 5 Predictions That Turned Out To Be True


John Hawkins,  Republicans Got It Right About Obamacare: 5 Predictions That Turned Out To Be True Republicans were right about Obamacare and Democrats were wrong. Before Obamacare was passed, when Democrats were telling the public that it would make health care cheaper, better, and would cure cancer right after it makes your bed in the