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Donald Trump could Score a ‘knockout’ — in the Debates

The beauty of sports and politics is that you never really know how things are going to shake out. Sometimes Truman beats Dewey; sometimes Douglas beats Tyson. That’s why Donald Trump still has a chance to turn things around — in the debates. And that’s why, despite competing for ratings against the NFL and playoff

A reckless plan to derail the election.

David Horowitz, Bill Kristol Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew.  Reprinted from Breitbart. While millions of Republican primary voters have chosen Donald Trump as the party’s nominee, Bill Kristol and a small but well-heeled group of Washington insiders are preparing a third party effort to block Trump’s path to the White House. Their plan is to run

Trump Indiana Win Boosts His Claim to Be Presumptive Nominee Bottom primary green border

Real-estate developer Donald Trump won the Republican presidential primary in Indiana on Tuesday, dealing a devastating blow to Ted Cruz’s effort to stop him from becoming the party’s presumptive nominee before the national convention in July. Trump’s massive win, projected to include at least 45 of the 57 delegates at stake, followed a day of

Trump: ‘We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country’

Donald Trump on Sunday compared the U.S.’s trade deficit with China, which he regularly laments and vows to tackle as president, to rape. “We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing,” Trump said during his second rally Sunday in Fort Wayne, Indiana, referring to China’s high number of

Loser Cruz campaign now selling œMake PC Great Again hats to mock Trump

It’s rarely a good idea to get in a trolling contest with America’s master troll but Team Cruz is stuck right now between a humiliating landslide loss in a big mid-Atlantic state last week and a bunch of humiliating landslides losses in mid-Atlantic states to come. Might as well have a little fun aimed at

Thomas Sowell: Amnesty Lite Is Still Amnesty

 Not since a 42-to-1 underdog named Buster Douglas knocked out undefeated heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in 1990 has there been an upset like economics professor Dave Brat defeating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican primary in Virginia. You couldn’t write a script like this for a movie and have it be believable. Congressman