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Missing Flight 370 Raises Need for Closer Cooperation

 Flight 370, which vanished almost three months ago, showcases the need for nations to collaborate more on sharing information about aviation, Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said. Countries already share information about ships to prevent piracy and hijacking, Ng said in an interview yesterday. “Is there capacity for collaboration? I think certainly very much

Australia still confident Missing Flight MH370 in southern Indian Ocean

Australia’s deputy prime minister said officials remained confident a missing Malaysia Airlines jet is somewhere in southern Indian Ocean despite searchers saying wreckage was not on the seabed in the area they had identified. The search was narrowed last month after a series of acoustic pings thought to be from the plane’s black box recorders

Missing Flight: Irregularities in MH370 recordings indicate possible editing, say experts

Audio forensic experts spotted several irregularities in audio recordings from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which suggested they may have been edited, a United States news network reported. According to NBC News, the experts said at least two different audio sources recorded the tapes, wherein one of those recordings may have been a digital

Missing Flight MH370: With no new signals, Aussie PM sees long jet hunt

 A day after expressing optimism about the hunt for the missing Malaysian jet, Australia’s leader warned Saturday that the massive search would likely continue “for a long time.” “No one should underestimate the difficulties of the task still ahead of us,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in Beijing, on the last day of his China

Fmr Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister: Government Lying About Missing Flight 370

 Former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim appeared on Erin Burnett’s CNN program tonight to give his thoughts on the mysterious disappearance of Flight 370…See Video Flight 370: The search goes under water — Four weeks to the day since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing, the search is set to continue Saturday — both

Latest on Missing Flight MH370 Tragedy: A week to go before black box signal vanishes

KUALA LUMPUR: Its been 24 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared and the authorities now have about a week to find the phsyical evidence, especially the ‘black box’ as signals from the recorder will fade out soon. The signals emitted from the black box is powered by batteries that will die out after 30 days, and

Boeing Co. 777-200ER – Timeline of Malaysian Air’s Missing Flight 370

The disappearance of Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS)’s Flight 370 has galvanized a multinational search, spawned theories ranging from an accident to air piracy and repeatedly dashed hopes that a resolution was at hand. Below is a timeline of the events that began with the jet’s departure from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing: March