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Australia dismisses possible Missing Plane wreckage claim

 The Australian agency heading up the search for the missing Malaysian jet has dismissed a claim by a resource survey company that it found possible plane wreckage in the northern Bay of Bengal. The location cited by Australia-based GeoResonance Pty Ltd. is thousands of kilometers (miles) north of a remote area in the Indian Ocean

Is this Fact or Fiction? Malaysia Flight 370: US Pilot Says He’s Found The Missing Plane?

US pilot Michael Hoebel reported to his hometown TV station on April 27 that he’s found Missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 — a mystery that eight nations have struggled to solve over a 52 day period. Michael Hoebel, 60, spent hours upon hours searching satellite images from his home in Tonawanda, New York. According to

Six Weeks and Still Nothing in Search for Missing Plane

 Investigators are preparing to widen the seabed scan for missing Malaysian Air Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean after family members frustrated by a lack of information detained airline employees sent to meet with them. An unmanned submarine started its 14th mission today after being pulled from the water the previous day to fix a