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Missouri lawmakers override governor’s veto of voter ID bill

Missouri lawmakers on Wednesday overrode Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a bill requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification in order to cast a ballot in the state starting in 2017, after this year’s presidential election. The Missouri Senate voted 24-7 for the override on the heels of a 115-41 House vote earlier in the

Political parties fight to manipulate voting times

 Election Day is approaching, and you’ve made up your mind. There’s no need to wait. In many states, you now can vote early. Yet what’s convenient to you is increasingly an opportunity for political gamesmanship to the candidates on the ballot. In key swing states, Democrats and Republicans are battling this year to gain even

Missouri Senate Committee Votes To Jail Federal Agents Who Enforce Gun Laws

Mint Press News – by Ian Millhiser for Think Progress  The Missouri Senate’s General Laws Committee voted 5-1 last week in favor of a bill that purports to make it a crime for federal law enforcement agents to enforce the nation’s gun laws. Under the bill’s terms, these agents could be imprisoned for up to a year