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STEIN’S MAD MONEY Nearly $1 million of recount funds spent on consultants, staff

Washington Free Beacon, Green Party nominee Jill Stein spent nearly $1 million of the funds she raised for recount efforts in three battleground states on consultants, staff, and administrative costs. Stein, who pushed for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, raised $7.3 million for the efforts and said that “every dollar” went towards costs associated


“Hillary Clinton Only Believes In Protecting One Thing: Her Donors. Of The 262 Companies That Lobbied For The Passage Of TPP, 82 Or Nearly 1 In 3 Donated Between $21 And $67 Million To The Clinton Foundation. Nine Companies That Lobbied For The Passage Of TPP Paid Hillary Clinton $2.7 Million For Paid Speeches. Of

Spending Cuts and Tax Cuts Should Be an All-of-the-Above Option, Not an Either-Or Choice

I’m in Slovenia where I just finished indoctrinating educating a bunch of students on the importance of Mitchell’s Golden Rule as a means of restraining the burden of government spending.   And I emphasized that the fiscal problem in Europe is the size of government, not the fact that nations are having a hard time

Gas here where I live in southern Oregon is now up to $4.20 per Gallon

QE3 for You and Me Gas here where I live in southern Oregon is now up to $4.20 per gallon.  The explanation being given from the propagandists is of course the hurricane Isaac and the burning down of a refinery.  All the petroleum produced here in the United States is being exported and what we

$.5 M Stimulus Money Spent on Ads for Green Jobs With Zero Jobs Created

obama green jobs

In 2009, the Labor Department hired McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations LLC to create and run commercials to make employers aware of the Job Corps programs to help generate new jobs in the green industry.  The ads aired the MSNBC shows of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann at a total cost of $495,000 of

Brewers want Obama’s beer recipe


With no jobs, people in foreclosure,a deficit now reaching mars,a possible market crash and an election that appears to look like a bad storm this is what they want to know?And I would like to know how Michelle grew honey in her garden? FOX News The people want to know what’s in the brew. The