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Al Franken, Sexual Predator

Matthew Vadum, He’s already apologized, but so what? Radio host Leeann Tweeden’s apparently well-founded claim that Democrat Sen. Al Franken, the professional vulgarian and former comedian who has a long, well-documented track record of making crude remarks about sexually assaulting women, kissed and groped her without her consent, is sending shock waves through Democratic Party

The Surveillance of Trump by Obama’s Government: Fact vs Hype

Jack Kerwick, On Saturday morning, after months of baseless allegations that he had colluded with the Russian government to steal the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, President Trump had reached his limit. With just a few tweets, Trump flipped the script on his detractors by doing what no Republican had ever had the guts to

Making America Great Again—Or Not: The Establishment Targets Trump’s Top Strategist

Virgil, Part Three of a three-part series… In Part One we saw how the gospel of globalism inspires its believers to disdain, even despise, middle-class nationalists—that is, the people who voted for Donald Trump.  And in Part Two we saw how the Deep State, one of the many weapons in the globalist arsenal, is now

The Deep State Strikes Back: The Permanent Campaign Against Donald Trump

Virgil, Breitbart Second of Three Parts… In the first installment of this series, we observed that globalism is an ideology, maybe even a theology.  And so of course, globalism generates plenty of passionate support among the planetary elite.  And yet passion must be translated into political power.  And of course, the globalists have plenty of that,

Trump takes heat for wanting to outlaw flag burning — but Clinton wanted the same in 2005

Donald Trump came under heavy criticism Tuesday after calling for the criminalization of burning the American flag, with critics gasping that the president-elect’s words represent a threat to the First Amendment. However, Trump’s suggestions are similar to a bill pushed in the Senate in 2005 that would criminalize flag burning – a bill that was

5 Things To Know About Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer, one of the leaders of the Alt-Right, has suddenly found himself in the news after a video surfaced of him shouting “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!” at an Alt-Right conference as attendees gave Spencer the Nazi salute in solidarity. He has also been banned from Twitter. Here are five things to know

Dems, media skewing Trump’s record on LGBT issues?

Months after businessman Peter Thiel made history as the first openly gay speaker to address his sexuality from a Republican convention podium, and mere hours after it emerged President-elect Donald Trump was considering an openly gay man for U.N. ambassador, the leader of a prominent gay conservatives group was still fielding calls from worried members

Donald Trump: How He Broke Down the Big Blue Wall

Arthur Schaper, Besides talking about building a wall along the Southern border, Donald Trump broke down a lot of walls in this election. He ended the Democratic play-book of playing the race and gender card. He welcomed more minority voters into the GOP fold. I have many black and Hispanic friends who were solid Dem,