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Clinton bashes Trump over Russia praise, but emails show she praised Putin

Though Hillary Clinton has bashed Donald Trump over his alleged fondness for Russia, excerpts from her purported post-State Department speeches in the WikiLeaks files show she also sought “a positive relationship” with Moscow and praised President Vladimir Putin as recently as 2014. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, called Putin “engaging” and said he was a

Diana West: DNC ˜Put a Sharia Supremacist on Convention Center Stage’

Dear DNC, Doubtless, I would reach more people if I wrote the following message in a private, hackable email, but I am concerned Russian cyber-trolls are distracted this week by heaps more breaking scandal about Hillary Clinton’s loyal services to what some people like to call “Mother Russia.” Between that Hillary-approved uranium deal transferring 20

Putin’s Dangerous Russian Roulette

Mark Nuckols, There is a reason it’s called Russian Roulette. Russians really are by nature reckless and irresponsible people. And Putin’s dangerous games are one day going to end in tears, even as he and the Russian public are gloating over their most recent childish (but extremely dangerous) antics.  With a foolhardy devil-may-care buzzing of

What would George Washington think? Obama’s Crimea comment

Austin Washington  It certainly doesn’t sound good. First, dismissing the result of an election in which people voted in favor of the will of a “democratic leader” for whom no one voted.  Second, claiming an election is illegal under the chimerical idea of “international law.” Which I understand in this instance was brought into being by a pen and a

Putin declares Crimea ‘sovereign and independent’

Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized Crimea as a “sovereign and independent country” Monday, just hours after the strategic Black Sea peninsula declared it had broken away from Ukraine. The moves triggered the toughest Western sanctions against Russia since the Cold War — with Washington and the European Union retaliating with asset freezes and travel bans

Charles Krauthammer: The wages of weakness

Vladimir Putin is a lucky man. And he’s got three more years of luck to come. He takes Crimea, and President Obama says it’s not in Russia’s interest, not even strategically clever. Indeed, it’s a sign of weakness. Really? Crimea belonged to Moscow for 200 years. Russia annexed it 20 years before Jefferson acquired Louisiana. Lost

Ukraine – A Look Into America’s Possible Future

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton  Kiev is on fire in many different ways and you could probably do a countdown to Russian tanks rolling in and quelling the masses with an Olympic stop watch. In fact, the Polish Foreign Minister bluntly warned the Ukrainian opposition, “If You don’t Support this (Deal)… You will all be Dead”: Today, the