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Shoving Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Right Back in the Left’s Ugly Face

Kurt Schlichter, The Left is getting massively out-Alinskyed, and the hilarious thing is that this band of withered hippies, unemployable millennial safe-space cases, and unlovable + unshaven libfeminists don’t even know it. Oh, their masters sure know it. Soros is bitterly having to ramp up his infusions of blood money to keep his community-organized “grassroots”

Clinton-Era Ambassador Tells Israel What Is Best for Israel

Brendan Kirby, Former diplomat claims moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would boost ISIS. A former U.S. ambassador to Israel suggested Monday on CNN that he knows better than the Israelis what is in their best interests. Edward Walker, who served under President Bill Clinton in the 1990s and also did a stint as ambassador to Egypt,

Facebook to Label ‘Fake News’ with Help of Partisan ‘Fact Checkers’

Ben Kew, Facebook has announced it will introduce warning labels on stories they deem to be “fake news,” with the help of partisan “fact checking” organisations such as Snopes and PolitiFact. Stories deemed to be false will now be “flagged” by Facebook, with an accompanying red label claiming the story is “disputed by 3rd Party Fact-Checkers.”

Walter E. Williams: Please, No More Miracles

President-elect Donald Trump has warned companies that they are not going to leave the United States anymore “without consequences.” He has lived up to his threat by pressuring Carrier to give up its planned move to Monterrey, Mexico, in exchange for a taxpayer handout. It is a safe bet that other U.S. companies will be