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Indiana Voters Donald Trump Needs Your Vote on May 3rd to #MAGA

Trump is looking to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination before the party’s convention according to Independent British News. The bilious Donald Trump came roaring back at a rally in Indianapolis on Wednesday, lashing out extravagantly at his rivals and the media but directing his wildest ire at the leaders of

Donald Trump is Still on Course to be the GOP’s Nominee

Edward Luce,   Ted Cruz and his growing legion of newfound Republican allies hailed a “turning point” in the battle to stop Donald Trump on Tuesday night. The former’s double-digit victory in Wisconsin injected renewed hope that Mr Trump can be denied the party’s nomination. Yet under the circumstances Mr Trump’s tally was astonishingly robust.

No Turning Point: What Happens in Wisconsin Stays in Wisconsin #Trump2016

Mike “Mish” Shedlock of MishTalk, In the wake of an expected victory in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz gave the expected victory speech. “Tonight is a turning point. It is a rallying cry,” said Cruz to an elated crowd of his supporters. Nonsense. What happens in Wisconsin stays in Wisconsin. Nomination Analysis Cruz won 36 of 42