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Faith-based posters removed from Langley Air Force Base display after feminist uproar

Todd Starnes, The Air Force has removed several “faith-based” posters from a display at Langley Air Force Base to appease a group of hysterical feminists who got their pantyhose in a twist over what they called “sexist, male-supremacist language.” Before we go any further, it’s important to understand the offending passage on the poster was

Boykin bounced: Fort Riley cancels Delta Force hero’s prayer breakfast speech

Todd Starnes,  A Kansas military base abruptly canceled an upcoming prayer breakfast that featured retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin after complaints were lodged that Boykin is anti-Muslim and anti-gay. Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein told Army Times that Boykin’s invitation had caused great angst among soldiers at Fort Riley – leading some to

Bibles are being removed from Missing Man tributes at VA clinics and military bases. Why?

Todd Starnes, It really takes a special kind of low-life to desecrate a military display honoring prisoners of war and those missing in action. Over the past several months the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has waged a campaign to have Bibles removed from “Missing Man” displays located on federal property. They claim the inclusion of