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The New Brownshirts: Thugs vs. Free Speech on Campus

Robert Spencer, The future for free expression in the West is looking bleak. Leftist students routinely intimidate and even physically menace those who dissent from their views, especially pro-Israel students. Conservative speakers are rarely invited to campuses, and when they are, face legions of hostile and even violent protesters. Universities are increasingly hostile to conservative

Whitewashing Leftist Anti-Semitism

Ari Lieberman, The Washington Post’s peculiar “exposé” on campus Jew-hatred. Since his inauguration, elements within the leftist mainstream media have tried to advance the mendacious and pernicious narrative that Trump and his so-called populist policies are the driving force behind xenophobic hate crimes. Despite their best efforts to derail, defame and tarnish the administration, the

‘May Allah Curse The Jews’: Watchdog Exposes Anti-Semitism Festering In Cleveland

Ari Lieberman, Professionals and student activists proclaim their Jew hatred loud and proud on social media. In the past few months, we’ve witnessed an assortment of leftist groups trying their best to advance a discredited and pernicious narrative that attempts to link the current administration with a spike in white nationalist anti-Semitism. There is little