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Report: Libyan Jihadis Caught Trying To Ship Chemical Weapons To Rebels In Syria

Pat Dollard Excerpted from Israel National News: Libyan officials recently caught several members of a Muslim extremist group as they attempted to send deadly chemical weapons to Syria, Channel 2 reports. The report quoted Colonel Mansour al-Mazini as saying that the extremists had been caught with a container of mustard gas. The gas was confiscated by Libyan

Libyan militias hit power plant with rockets, blackouts possible

 More than 100 rockets fired by government-payrolled rival gunmen rained down on a Libyan power plant and electrical blackouts could result this summer, the country’s electricity minister said on Tuesday. The North African country is in turmoil as militiamen and tribespeople who helped topple Muammar Gaddafi three years ago refuse to disarm. The government has