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A ˜Gay’ Muslim Democrat Walks Into a Bar¦

Matt Barber,  In the wake of the Orlando ISIS bloodbath, the rational world now gazes through the looking glass, jaws agape, into the up-is-down, male-is-female, Muslim-is-Christian alternate universe in which resides America’s caterwauling left. An Islamic terrorist (a closeted homosexual, according to friends and ex-wife), registered Democrat and admitted Islamic State jihadi enters a “gay”

Another Islamic Radical Tragically Shoots Up The Liberal Narrative

Kurt Schlichter, Another day, another massacre by jihadis, and Hillary Clinton wants you disarmed and defenseless. Vote accordingly. The liberal establishment seems sadly resigned to the fact that this latest creepy radical Islamic freak deciding to go on a kill spree for Allah means the death of their beloved gun narrative. You know that at Hillary Clinton’s HQ, they