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President Trump’s #DraintheSwamp Ethos Will Start with Pharma

Mytheos Holt,  After pulling off the greatest political upset in the history of American politics, President-elect Donald Trump’s administration would arguably be a disappointment if it didn’t go on defying the odds. True, slaughtering sacred cows on the campaign trail is far easier than offing blessed bovines protected by legislative language, but it’s precisely the

Big Pharma’s Crusade Against Rural America

Mytheos Holt,  The fight between the corporatist drug industry and hospitals serving the most vulnerable Americans has finally spilled into the mainstream media. Recently, the Washington Post covered the issue in a profile of former Democratic congressman Henry Waxman. Waxman is surely an unlikely hero to fight corporate welfare, yet according to the Post, that’s

The intellectual case for Trump: Trump is the culture warrior we need

Mytheos Holt, Donald Trump represents the first candidate for whom success could only come after a culture war apocalypse. A candidate like Donald Trump should be impossible. A loud, unscripted, hard-edged reality show-style candidate with exceedingly flexible positions on many hot-button issues would be laughed out of contention for the Republican nomination in other years.