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It’s In Our Nation’s Interests to Give Betsy a Chance

Helen Raleigh, The title of my column was the plea from former Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman at the confirmation hearings of Betsy DeVos, nominee to lead the Department of Education. Before making this plea, Senator Lieberman listed the failures of our public education system that those of us who care about education have only become

School choice is the most important civil rights cause since Martin Luther King

Matthew Vadum, Trump’s Marshall Plan for Inner-City Kids. Eleven days ago Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gave a revolutionary speech in Cleveland about public education that should have changed the face of American politics forever. Unfortunately few people know about this compassionate blueprint for desperately needed change. That is because the Sept. 8 address came

Without This Option, School Choice Would Shrivel

Robert Holland, Would it be constitutional for a public school board to offer grants and scholarships to families wishing to choose private schooling, yet exclude those benefits for families who prefer for their children’s private school to be a religiously affiliated one? That is a key question for jurists to sort out in an already