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Leo DiCaprio’s Dirty Dollars

Michelle Malkin,  Actor-playboy Leonardo DiCaprio walked away from a fender bender in the Hamptons this weekend without a scratch. But the outspoken liberal should not escape unscathed from his train wreck of high-dollar financial dealings with donors and businessmen in one of world’s most rotten regimes. Forget about the saving the environment, son. Clean up

Military radar DID track an unidentified aircraft at the time MH370 disappeared

Malaysian PM reveals six weeks after the search began: Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said the military’s radar tracked what is believed to have been the Malaysian Airlines plane It was detected after it had turned back while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 Najib Razak said preliminary findings would

Missing Malaysian Flight: Now the Search for MH370 may take years, warns US official

With Most of the seabed area searched for missing Malaysia Airlines flight without success experts fear wider hunt could take years. The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane could take years, a senior US defence official has warned, as the underwater search off Western Australia failed to find any trace of wreckage or black

Bluefin 21: Indian Ocean undersea hunt for MH370 set to be extended

 The undersea search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is to be extended beyond the small area identified as its most likely resting place as the quest for any sign of the missing plane enters its 50th day on Saturday. The submarine drone Bluefin 21 has so far searched about 95 percent of a 10

Time is Running Out: Hunt for Malaysian plane heads underwater to find black box

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in remote seas off Australia headed underwater on Friday, with a U.S. Navy high tech “black box” locator deployed for the first time as the battery life of the cockpit data recorder dwindles. Australian authorities said the so-called Towed Pinger Locator will be pulled behind navy ship

Plane Search Revived by Chinese Image of Drifting Object

A Chinese satellite detected an object in the southern Indian Ocean that’s almost the width of an Olympic-size swimming pool, giving fresh impetus to the hunt for the Malaysian airliner that disappeared two weeks ago. The image, taken on March 18, shows an object measuring 22 meters (72-feet) by 13 meters, according to a statement