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Trump Signs Bill for NASA Funding, Mars Exploration

Mikael Thalen | Infowars, “With this legislation, we support NASA’s scientists, engineers and astronauts and their pursuit of discovery” President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday a bill authorizing funding for NASA which also makes human exploration of Mars a priority. Known as the NASA Transition Authorization Act, the new law provides $19.5 billion in

California governor, Trump ratchet up war of words

Barnini Chakraborty, Tensions between the Trump administration and California leaders are escalating into an all-out political war, as Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies vow to fight the president tooth-and-nail over everything from sanctuary cities to environmental policies.  President Trump fired the latest shot when he threatened to “defund” unspecified programs over California’s push to

Ten Questionable Federal Gov’t Expenditures Greater Than Trump’s Border Wall

Jeff Poor, Many of President Donald Trump’s critics are grappling with the reality the U.S. government will actually build the much-ballyhooed border wall Trump had pledged to repeatedly during his campaign. However, those critics are still arguing the money put toward the project would be a waste. The main question now is how the government

Mr. Trump, the Department of Energy has a fake name. It’s time to make things right

Mark P. Mills,  Start with a simple indisputable fact. Most of the Department of Energy’s budget has nothing to do with energy. Nothing. Some $20 billion of that agency’s $30 billion budget is devoted to military-related nuclear activities. Other than DOE having a misleading title, what’s the problem with that? The illusion that DOE is

Taxation Isn’t Only Theft, It’s Destruction

Michael S. Rozeff | Rulers act on their wants, not those of taxpayers. Where the state is, there is the power to tax; for rulers cannot rule without taxation. As Ludwig von Mises wrote: “The funds that a government spends for whatever purposes are levied by taxation.” Or as Murray Rothbard put it: “All

Why enemies of Israel and Iran’s “go-to guy” is on Obama’s Secret Muslim List

Daniel Greenfield, Like a warped Islamic version of Santa Claus, Obama had a secret Muslim list. And his people checked it at least twice. The list was of Muslims who were prospects for important jobs and appointments. It included a Muslim who had described Israel as an “Apartheid State,” Iran’s “go-to guy in New York financial

NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

Waking Times – by Christina Sarich There’s the official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder, into our ionosphere, and then there is the probable reason(s). It would be easier to accept NASA’s official explanation if they were not so

End Unauthorized Federal Spending

Phil Kerpen, The federal government is scheduled to spend $310 billion of your tax dollars this year on federal programs that are not authorized by law according to the Congressional Budget Office. That’s about a quarter of all so-called discretionary spending, so one of every four taxpayer dollars Congress spends is going to a program

Greedy, Dirty Harry Reid pulls spending bill after spat with GOP

 In a major blow to efforts to get Congress’ troubled budget process back on track, the Senate’s top Democrat yanked a $180 billion spending measure from the Senate floor Thursday after Republicans protested a plan that would have denied them the chance to more easily win changes to the measure. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.,