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In Trump Era, a Chance to Reboot Conservatism

Peter Berkowitz, By his flamboyance, crudity, and eclectic priorities as well as by his explicit statements, President Donald Trump has made it clear that the Republican Party is not identical to conservatism. That has always been true of the modern GOP dominated by Ronald Reagan’s long shadow. But the 2016 divergence was of unprecedented proportions.

Donald Trump and Conservative Dogma

Matthew Continetti, How conservative is Donald Trump? It’s a question that’s been asked frequently since he entered the presidential race last June, but no one seems to have agreed on an answer. Many of Trump’s primary opponents criticized him for not being a “true conservative.” Even today, his critics note, positively or negatively, his departures

National Affairs: A Conservative Vision of Government

Peter Wehner  Michael Gerson and I have written an essay, “A Conservative Vision of Government,” published in the newest issue of the indispensable quarterly National Affairs. Our aim is to make a persuasive case for why conservatives should speak about not only the size but also the purposes of government–and why a modern, reform agenda is key to the