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Alt-left judges put American lives at risk by blocking travel ban

It was not hard to see this coming. Two President Obama-appointed federal U.S. district judges have blocked President Trump’s revised travel ban executive order from taking effect. True to form, President Trump is fighting back, and reminding his supporters why they voted for him. You’ve got to love it. “Hundreds of refugees are under federal

San Francisco’s withdrawal from national terror intelligence network hikes risks

San Francisco has taken its defiance of the feds to a new level, ending its cooperation with the FBI in an anti-terror initiative begun after 9/11 – a move crtitics say could get innocent people killed. Critics say the sanctuary city by  the bay’s latest decision to forego cooperation with Washington, by dropping out of

Victor Davis Hanson: It’s No Revelation That Intelligence Agencies Are Politicized

Furor has arisen over President-elect Donald Trump’s charges that our intelligence agencies are politicized. Spare us the outrage. For decades, directors of intelligence agencies have often quite inappropriately massaged their assessments to fit administration agendas. Careerists at these agencies naturally want to continue working from one administration to the next in “the king is dead;

Obama’s plan to accelerate vetting of Syrian “refugeesĀ for U.S. entry, Importing Terror

Joseph Klein, FPM   Obama’s plan to accelerate vetting of Syrian “refugees” for U.S. entry. President Obama is willing to gamble with the lives of American citizens. He is intent on emptying Guantanamo of as many of the detainees as possible, even as some of the released jihadists have returned to the battlefield to fight