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Supporting Le Pen’s National Front No Longer Taboo For French Youth

Young voters now proud to “defend France’s values” Just a few years ago, it was hard to find students willing to admit to being National Front cardholders. When a journalist went looking for members of the FNJ youth movement during the last presidential election campaign, most would agree to speak only if their names were

Global Populism Trend Could Wipe out the French Left

Rachel Marsden, PARIS — It dawned on me while watching the French Socialist Party presidential primary debate over the weekend just how old-fashioned and dated the ideological left in France has become. As the candidates debated marijuana legalization and lamented not having taken in enough Middle Eastern migrants, the ideology that once represented youthful idealism

FRANCE BURNING: Officials ‘HIDE’ arson jihad stats as 1,000 cars set alight in sinister torching

Pamela Geller, I posted on the mass car burnings here early this morning. Now, France is hiding their Islamic terror. That is the West’s response to the Islamic war they invited by allowing the Muslim invasion of our nations. Denial, submission and fear. Hundreds were arrested in France …. FRANCE BURNING: Officials ‘HIDE’ arson stats

Outrage Over the Economy Doesn’t Explain Surging Global Populism

The year belonged to people like Bill Heinzelman, a retiree from Wisconsin, and Lucien Durand, a farmer in southeastern France. They helped propel the populist wave that swept across the western world in 2016, blindsiding pollsters and investors with how strongly they felt the status quo in politics must go. The conventional wisdom among election