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America, the rioting in Charlotte is Saul Alinsky 101

Todd Starnes,  Charlotte, North Carolina a Wednesday night of violence.  An angry mob prowled the streets like animals hunting their prey – brutally attacking police, civilians and news reporters. They literally tried to stuff an unconscious photographer into a burning trash can, according to eyewitness accounts. ✔ @WCCBCharlotte #WCCB witnessed protesters try to throw still

All this Disturbing Violence, Rioting and Racism is Obama’s Legacy #MAGA

Ugly scenes emerged from Wednesday night’s rioting in Charlotte, including Twitter video of a white man being beaten and dragged by a mob, and the brother of the black man whose death in a police shooting touched off protests telling media that all white people are “devils.” Charlotte officials appealed for calm on Thursday, two

State of emergency called after second night of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina

One person was shot and gravely wounded on Wednesday in a second night of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, officials said, as riot police dispersed unruly protesters after the fatal police shooting of a black man under disputed circumstances. North Carolina’s governor later declared a state of emergency amid the disturbances and said the National

Robot detonates Latest device in another New Jersey bomb discovery

Five potential bombs were discovered overnight near a New Jersey station, one of which blew up on Monday as a bomb squad robot tried to disable it, after a weekend of attacks and security alerts in the United States. The devices were found late on Sunday, a day after a pressure-cooker bomb packed with shrapnel

Not All US Muslim Soldiers Are Equal

Michelle Malkin, The ever-growing list of “soldiers of Allah” who embed themselves in the U.S. military. Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient Captain Humayun Khan died heroically. But his exceptional courage in Iraq and his Muslim father’s post-Democratic convention histrionics on TV do not erase the security threat posed by killer warriors of Allah infiltrating

Why Do Virtually All ˜News’ Media Hide an Exposé of CNN’s Lies?

Washington’s Blog – by Eric Zuesse On April 3rd, a news report was submitted to virtually all news-media, concerning the falsehood of a certain CNN story that allegedly explained why the U.S. is sending F-15 fighter-jets to Iceland. The CNN report placed it into context of U.S.-Russian relations, and falsely represented Russia’s and America’s respective

Louisiana Senator Tours US-Mexico Border, Finds Out 30 Percent of Contraband is Still Getting Across

Cortney O’Brien,   Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) joined the radio hosts at Baton Rouge’s Talk 107.3 on Thursday to discuss his recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border. He began by complimenting our border patrol police, noting how they have to be ready at a moment’s notice to both apprehend drug cartels and to prevent them