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Report: 20 Alleged Terrorists From Countries Listed on Trump Order Entered US Since 2014

Amanda Prestigiacomo, On Friday, President Donald Trump issued an executive order pausing immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, much to the fake tear-filled complaints of Democrats calling the temporary ban un-American (it’s not) and arguing that the order targeted all the wrong countries.  But according to a report from The Daily Caller, there have been at least 20

If It’s Hillary Clinton It’s War, She’s Satan incarnate Says Vladimir Putin

Hillary Clinton brings the real threat of war, not Donald Trump, according to Vladimir Putin, as election news has Russia gearing up for a possible attack. Hillary’s image as a war hawk is lost on mainstream American voters, but Russia, Europe, and other nations saw a not-so-warm-and-fuzzy side of Hillary when she was Secretary of

No Screening for Radical Views in U.S. Refugee Vetting

Brendan Kirby, Administration official acknowledges process lacks questions on ideology. The United States runs the names of potential refugees through terrorism and law enforcement databases and conducts health screenings but makes no effort to learn whether they harbor extremist views, an administration official acknowledged Wednesday. Simon Henshaw, principal deputy assistant secretary of the Bureau of

Senate Subcommittee: Clinton Refugee Plans To Cost Nearly Half A Trillion

WASHINGTON— An analysis by the Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest finds the refugee plan of presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton could cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has announced her desire to admit at least 65,000 refugees from Syria – on top of the existing refugee flow already

Donald Trump to meet with Henry Kissinger #Trump2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to meet on Wednesday with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing three people close to Trump. The meeting in New York comes after weeks of telephone conversations between Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and Kissinger, who was a top adviser to

Donald J. Trump to Speak on Foreign Policy at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Today Donald J. Trump announced he has accepted an invitation from The National Interest Magazine, and its parent institution, The Center for the National Interest, to address the organization at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, April 27 at 12:00 p.m. Mr. Trump stated, “I am honored to be invited to speak at an