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Trump and Zinke are Right on National Monuments

Newt Gingrich, Once again, President Donald Trump is taking a reasonable action to correct enormous overreach from previous administrations, and once again, the media and the Left are going berserk. The Trump Administration decision this week to reduce the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah was neither unique nor

Phony Native American Liz Warren leads Dems twisted anti-Trump charge

Sean Hannity, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is leading the Democrats’ attack on President Trump and obstruction of his efforts to assemble a cabinet, but the woman Trump calls “Pocahontas” speaks with a forked tongue. Warren took to the Senate floor earlier this week to smear and slander her own former Senate colleague and Trump’s choice

Dakota Access pipeline moves closer to completion

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will grant the final approval needed to finish the Dakota Access Pipeline project, U.S. Senator John Hoeven and Congressman Kevin Cramer of North Dakota said on Tuesday. However, opponents of the $3.8 billion project, including the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation is adjacent to the route, claimed that


A MEMBER OF THE NAVAJO NATION, THE LARGEST NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBE IN THE UNITED STATES WILL SERVE IN THE WHITE HOUSE WITH PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Former Arizona State Senator Carlyle Begay is President Trumps new White House Advisor on Indian Affairs. Posted on Facebook: Republican Native Americans Jockey for Trump Administration PostsCarlyle Begay, Jerry

Ohio school district apologizes over ‘trail of tears’ basketball game sign

Victor Skinner, BROOKFIELD, Ohio – An Ohio school district issued an apology and is now requiring students to gain approval for game day signs after a banner crafted by cheerleaders caused outrage at a basketball game last week. As the Brookfield High School Warriors prepared to tip off against the Girard Indians last Tuesday,

Scholars team up to dispel 400-year-old ‘fake news’ about US

Leading scholars from around the globe are teaming up to shed more light on how America got its start. Nineteen prominent museums and historical societies from the U.S. and Europe that specialize in the 17th century have formed New England Beginnings . The group is using mobile phone apps, searchable online archives and conventional lectures to showcase

Native Americans: Help Make America Great Again

Katie Kieffer, Native Americans protesting the construction of the 1,200-mile Dakota Access oil pipeline: quit throwing rocks at police; stop setting cars ablaze; discard your “Children Don’t Drink Oil” signs—and join your fellow brothers and sisters in making America great again. “We don’t have weapons. … We are looking out for … the children who

Archaeologists think they found Pilgrims’ original settlement

Brian MacQuarrie, PLYMOUTH, Mass. The Pilgrims stepped ashore in Plymouth in 1620, no question. But efforts to pin down exactly where they lived on the first Thanksgiving, and the few precarious decades afterward, have been elusive. Until now.   On Tuesday, archeologists from the University of Massachusetts Boston said they have discovered what is believed to

Get government out of the way, and respect every individual’s property rights

John Stossel, Thanksgiving Tragedy. Tomorrow, as you celebrate the meal the Pilgrims ate with Indians, pause a moment to thank private property. I know that seems weird, but before that first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims nearly starved to death because they didn’t respect private property. When they first arrived in Massachusetts, they acted like Bernie Sanders wants

Washington state elector says he won’t vote for Clinton

A Democratic elector in Washington state said Friday that he would not cast his Electoral College vote for Hillary Clinton if, as is likely, she wins the state in Tuesday’s election. Robert Satiacum, a member of the Puyallup Tribe, supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, which the Vermont senator won by approximately a 3-to-1

Donald Trump wins support from Native American coalition

Washington Times “One more organization to the has announced their support for Mr. Trump. A newly formed Native American Coalition is made up of members who hail from tribal organizations in 15 states and include both grass-roots leaders and elected officials. “The daily flood of new federal regulations keep Indian Country from becoming self-sufficient. Local

Police evict oil pipeline protesters from private land

Law enforcement officers in riot gear and firing bean bags and pepper spray evicted protesters Thursday from private land in the path of the Dakota Access oil pipeline, dramatically escalating a dispute over Native American rights and the project’s environmental impact that has simmered for months. In an operation that took nearly six hours, hundreds