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Report Says 50% of People are Conspiracy Theorists: You’re Probably One of Them

Elizabeth Renter, Do you believe the government actively works to suppress alternative medicine? Do you think they already know cell phones cause cancer and are simply refusing to do anything about it? Do you use nutritional supplements? If you responded yes to any of these questions, you could be the type of person that a

Russian Lawmakers Want to Impose Criminal Penalties on those Conducting GMO Business

 In an act of lucidity and light that our own country should somewhat imitate, Russian lawmakers are considering equating GMO-related activities to a terrorist act or death threat, a criminal act that Russia says deserves the punishment which killers and creators of mass ecological and human genocide deserve. A Russian newspaper, Izvestia, writes that criminal liability will be

Attorneys Conclude that Demanding GMO Labeling is NOT Unconstitutional

Christina Sarich,  The Vermont GMO labeling bill recently proposed, namely Vermont Bill H.112 (2013) already passed in the general assembly, but Big Ag and Biotech as well as the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), a group of corrupt corporate interests in charge of making frankenfood, doesn’t want more states to pass labeling laws. In a memo