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Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home

Lucas Tomlinson, A Russian spy ship was spotted patrolling off the East Coast of the United States on Tuesday morning, the first such instance during the Trump administration — and the same day it was learned the Kremlin had secretly deployed controversial cruise missiles inside Russia and buzzed a U.S. Navy destroyer, U.S. officials told

Obama’s Final Gift: Uranium Headed To Iran

Hank Berrien, Unsatisfied with stoking the fiery cauldrons of Islamic fundamentalism with his weak-kneed response during his eight-year tenure, Barack Obama has now enabled Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to speed ever-closer toward successful attainment of nuclear weapons, approving a secret delivery of roughly 130 tons of uranium for the fundamentalist Iranian regime.

White House petition suggests naming next Navy ship ‘USS The Deplorables’

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has a penchant for doling out interesting and unconventional names for new warships, but a petition currently on the White House website wants the next major warship to be named something that may be too outlandish even for him. The petition suggests that the next major vessel be

In about face, Navy restores traditional job titles after objections

In a dramatic about face, the U.S. Navy announced Wednesday it would dump a plan to eliminate dozens of job titles for enlisted sailors – some ending in “man” – after thousands complained. Navy Adm. John Richardson, chief of naval operations, said in a statement that the proposed removal of rating titles “was unnecessary and