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Graphic Photos: Islamic State Throws Iraqi Man Accused of Homosexuality from Rooftop

Ali Waked, The Islamic State organization recently published pictures of the “sentencing” of a man suspected of homosexuality. The organization’s headquarters in Iraq’s Nineveh district said in a statement that it carried out the provisions of Shariah Islamic law against men who are guilty of “the transgression of homosexuality.” In the pictures (see above and

Another Week, Another Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crime #MuslimBan

Daniel Greenfield, Islamophobia, America’s greatest problem since sliced bread, struck again at Benoit College. Two students at Beloit College were victims of hate crimes over the weekend, according to a statement released by the college Monday.  Beloit College says on Friday a note with anti-Semitic statements was placed under a student’s door at one of

It is not morally sound to vote for an unfit candidate #LockHerUp

Joel B. Pollak, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told some 4,300 supporters in a packed convention center that their state was a key to victory. “In two days — can you believe this? — and we are going to win back the White House,” he said, to cheers. “And I want to thank the people

South Carolina school shooting suspect killed father before attack, officials say

A homeschooled South Carolina teenager shot and killed his father Wednesday before opening fire on a nearby elementary school playground, injuring two students and a teacher, local authorities said. Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Garland Major told a news conference that two male students at Townville Elementary School were shot in the leg and foot,

Hillary Clinton: Brain-Dead Democrat Druggie

Hillary Clinton has serious medical problems. Truthfully, she’s a brain-dead Democrat druggie. The woman can barely stand on her own, as (very strong) handlers wait nearby by to keep her on her feet. By now most people have seen the picture of two handlers dragging her big butt up the stairs, essentially confirming that she is a