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Ass Sheriff Hodgson: State rep’s Facebook post warning of ICE raid Irresponsible

A Massachusetts sheriff who has called for the arrest of public officials who support sanctuary cities Wednesday slammed a state lawmaker who posted a Facebook warning about a rumored federal raid.  “I can’t think of anything more irresponsible and more underhanded and undermining to law enforcement and to the people of that community than what

Funding Sanctuary Cites May Be the Definition of Insanity

Nick Giampia, Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said on Tuesday he agrees with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions that the federal government should not fund cities that harbor illegal immigrants. “The idea that the federal government should fund belligerent resistance to federal government policies is maybe the definition of insanity,” he told the FOX

Rudy Giuliani out of contention for Cabinet post

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has removed his name from consideration for a position in President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet, the transition team announced Friday. Giuliani, who is currently a vice chairman on the presidential transition team, had been rumored to be in consideration for secretary of state. In an interview with Eric Bolling

Trump to nominate Carson as HUD secretary

President-elect Donald Trump announced Monday he has chosen former campaign 2016 rival Ben Carson to become secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Trump said in his statement that he was “thrilled to nominate Carson,” adding that he “has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communiuties.”

‘Absolutely Shocking’ for Obama to Suggest Illegal Alien Voter Fraud Will Be Ignored

Katie McHugh, President Barack Obama’s Nov. 4 suggestion that voting by illegal aliens in the 2016 presidential election will not be investigated is “absolutely shocking,” says the former Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. “Shocking. Absolutely shocking,” Brewer said to TV host Neil Cavuto. Obama “should have absolutely set [the interviewer] straight that if you’re not a

Trump ‘Not Running to Be Pope–He’s Running For President’

Former United Kingdom Independence Party chairman and leader of England’s ‘Brexit’ campaign Nigel Farage discussed Donald Trump’s lewd remarks about women, and what effect it would have on his campaign going forward, on the Cost of Freedom. “It’s going to be pretty ugly tomorrow,”  Farage said of Sunday evening’s debate. “The sad thing is the big

STRATEGIST: Bernie Supporters Will Cross Over to Vote for Trump Instead of Hillary (Video)

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit  Democratic strategist Harlan Hill told Neil Cavuto today that up to 40% of Bernie Sanders supporters will cross over to Donald Trump if Bernie is eliminated. Harlan Hill: Almost 40% of Bernie Sanders supporters say they will not support Hillary Clinton in the general election. And I expect that number to

Buchanan: Ted Cruz Is an ˜Indispensable Instrument’ of the Establishment #OnlyTrump

Jeff Poor, They (GOPe) are Using Ted Cruz. Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan was asked to react to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s statement a night earlier following his defeat by Ted Cruz in Wisconsin GOP presidential primary. Host Neil Cavuto argued it was lacking in graciousness. However, Buchanan said there

Ron Paul Warns Feds Could Launch Waco-Style Assault Against Bundy

Show of force possible, says former Congressman Ron Paul appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto last night to warn that the federal government could be planning to launch a Waco-style assault against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. Expressing hope that last week’s events, during which Bundy supporters faced down armed BLM agents and forced