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Obama announces record wave of pardons, commutations

President Obama on Monday pardoned 78 people and granted another 153 commutations, amounting to the most acts of clemency granted by a U.S. president ever in a single day. White House Counsel Neil Eggleston announced the decisions in an official blog post. He described all the individuals being pardoned or seeing their sentences shortened as

Obama commutes sentences for 72 more inmates, brings total to 944

The president has commuted 170 sentences in the last two weeks. President Barack Obama continues to widen the gap between himself and all other American presidents when it comes to commuting prisoners’ sentences that the president believes are unjustly excessive. Obama commuted the terms of 72 more federal inmates on Friday, the White House announced.

Obama shortens prison sentences of 111 convicts: White House

U.S. President Barack Obama shortened the prison sentences of 111 convicts serving time for drug-related offenses in his second round of clemency grants this month, the White House said on Tuesday. Obama has now granted a total of 673 commutations during his presidency, more than the number granted by the 10 previous presidents combined, as

Obama cuts prison sentences for 42 drug offenders

President Barack Obama has shortened the sentences of 42 people serving time for drug-related offenses, continuing a push for clemency that has ramped up in the final year of his administration. Roughly half of the 42 receiving commutations Friday were serving life sentences. Most are nonviolent offenders, although a few were also charged with firearms

Obama commutes 61 sentences, bringing total to 248

President Barack Obama on Wednesday commuted the sentences of 61 federal prisoners serving time for drug crimes, bringing his total commutations to 248 individuals, which the White House said was more than the previous six presidents combined. The move reflects Obama’s push to reform the U.S. criminal justice system to reduce the number of people

Camp Wants Special Prosecutor Over Missing IRS E-Mails

 A special prosecutor should probe the loss of Internal Revenue Service e-mails that may contain facts about its scrutiny of Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status, the House Ways and Means Committee chairman said. “We are missing a huge piece of the puzzle,” committee Chairman Dave Camp said at a hearing yesterday in Washington. The

Obama adopts safeguards after CIA chief outed

 The Obama administration is adopting three new safeguards to prevent the accidental identification of key national security personnel, but won’t fire anyone over last month’s outing of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan, the White House said Wednesday. The safeguards grew out of a review the White House asked its top lawyer, Neil Eggleston, to