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Clinton, Democrats Confronting Dangerous Divisions Within Party

Hillary Clinton’s claim of a narrow victory in Kentucky and Bernie Sanders’s win in Oregon illustrated a deepening rift among Democrats with the potential to hobble the party heading into the general election. The split outcome in Tuesday’s primaries gives Clinton little leverage to push Sanders to unify his supporters behind her in preparation for

Child Deportations Complicate Advancing Obama Border Bill

 President Barack Obama’s request for $3.7 billion to address thousands of children entering the U.S. illegally at the Mexican border is being met by obstacles in Congress from lawmakers in both parties. Republicans, who have long advocated tougher border security, are demanding legislation to speed deportation of the minors in exchange for new spending. Some

Filthy Rich: Harry Reid Says He Felt Dirty From Unlimited ĖœCorrupting’ Campaign Cash

 WASHINGTON — Arguing for a constitutional amendment to bar unlimited spending in politics, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the flood of unregulated campaign dollars made him feel “unclean.” The Nevada Democrat said he first experienced the unpleasantness of unchecked cash when he narrowly defeated John Ensign (R) in 1998, when Supreme Court rulings allowed