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Trump VP Pence: Globalist Neocon or Solid Conservative?

Alex Newman | The New American, Republicans and conservatives appear torn. With GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump indicating that he will choose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice president, Republicans and conservatives appear torn. Some critics of the selection have blasted Pence as a globalist neocon who supports the Obama-backed Common Core scheme, sovereignty-destroying

NSA surveillance extends to biomedical implants including pacemakers to collect data on unsuspecting Americans

Natural News – by JD Heyes Maybe it’s something in the water at the National Security Agency, but for some reason, officials there just can’t seem to get enough of spying on us by continually expanding their surveillance dragnet. As reported by The New American, the agency is now looking into possibly stealing data from

UN Plots War on Free Speech to Stop œExtremism Online

The New American – by Alex Newman The United Nations Security Council wants a global “framework” for censoring the Internet, as well as for using government propaganda to “counter” what its apparatchiks call “online propaganda,” “hateful ideologies,” and “digital terrorism.” To that end, the UN Security Council this week ordered the UN “Counter-Terrorism Committee” —

Michael Savage: œWest Will Collapse Without Christian Revival

Selwyn Duke | The New American There has never been a successful and long-lasting atheistic civilization. There has never been a successful and long-lasting atheistic civilization — and there never will be — is the opinion of many astute observers. And it’s also apparently the belief of radio giant Michael Savage, as he issued a

Illegal Immigrant œChildren Include MS-13 Gang Members

Warren Mass | New American  This latest report from Border Patrol officials confirms what has been known for some time. An internal summary of Border Patrol operations at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales (Arizona) Placement Center stated that 16 unaccompanied immigrant children being held at the facility are members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13)

Drug Unit Involved in Injury to Ga. Toddler Killed a Pastor in 2009

 Despite the emotional expressions of regret and concern for the family, the SWAT officers responsible for tossing the flash-bang grenade that injured a toddler in Georgia are still on the job. In fact, in a conversation with The New American, the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office retorts that there is no current investigation into the tragic events