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New Year Eve

Colo. Police search for 6-year-old David Puckett Missing since New Year’s Eve

AURORA, Colo. –  Police in the Denver suburb of Aurora are searching for a 6-year-old boy who is believed to have wandered away from his home on New Year’s Eve. A $10,000 reward is out in the disappearance of David Puckett. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies were helping search for David Puckett on

New York’s Times Square erupts with cheer as a new year dawns

Hundreds of thousands of merrymakers witnessed the descent of the kaleidoscopic New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square at midnight on Sunday, celebrating a century-old New York tradition under an unprecedented umbrella of security. As many as 2 million people, surrounded by a ring of 40-ton sand trucks and some 7,000 police, gathered in the

Trump wishes ‘Happy New Year’ to all, including his ‘many’ rudderless ‘enemies’

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday wished a “Happy New Year” to friends and enemies — sort of. “Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me,” Trump began on Twitter.   He ended the tweet by wishing everybody “Love,” but not before making sure that all those who

Trump expresses doubts about online security

President-elect Donald Trump says that “no computer is safe” when it comes to keeping information private, expressing new skepticism about the security of online communications his administration is likely to use for everything from day-to-day planning to international relations. Trump rarely uses email or computers, despite his frequent tweeting. “You know, if you have something

Revelers say goodbye to a year of conflicts, deadly violence #HappyNewYear

As 2016 draws to a close, revelers around the world are bidding a weary adieu to a year filled with political surprises, prolonged conflicts, deadly attacks at gatherings and deaths of legendary celebrities. Here’s a look at how people are ushering in the new year: ___ AUSTRALIA Sydney sent up a dazzling tribute to 2016’s

Donald Trump tweets bizarre New Year’s Eve message to all his ‘enemies’

Andrew Buncombe, Mr Trump used social media to deliver his seasonal message. It’s the time of year for looking forward. It’s when people look for the good in the world, and in one another, and try and let bygones be bygones. At least, that is how it works for most people. On New Year’s Eve,

Early birds flock at Times Square for New Year’s Eve revelry

New York City is preparing for a veritable sea of humanity to converge on Times Square on Saturday for the annual descent of the New Year’s Eve ball, a century-old tradition that will unfold this year under an unprecedented blanket of security. As many as 2 million people, surrounded by a ring of 40-ton sand