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A Paid by Hillary Protester Met with National Review Editor to Plot How to Take Down Trump

Jim Hoft, On Tuesday Alexander McCoy and several paid Hillary activists protested Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York City. PAID HILLARY PROTESTER MET WITH NATIONAL REVIEW EDITOR RICH LOWRY TO DISCUSS HOW TO DEFEAT TRUMP!Rich Lowry is the editor of the so-called conservative magazine National Review. These people aren’t just #NeverTrump –

Trump to Megyn Kelly: ‘I’m a counter-puncher’

Donald Trump, in an extensive interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, defended his tone and tenor on the campaign trail, saying he’s a “counter-puncher” who’s only responding to the attacks against him. “I’m a counter-puncher,” Trump said. “I respond pretty strongly, but in just about all cases I’ve been responding to what they did to

Right-Wing Hindus in India Are Calling Donald Trump the ˜Lone Protector of Mankind’

The are praying for his victory — even if he can’t get their accents right At a campaign rally in Delaware three weeks ago, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump chose to attack American outsourcing by affecting a cruel caricature of an Indian accent, to the delight of his supporters. Yet his apparent disdain for the

Unite behind Donald J. Trump for President of the United States #AmericanUnifier

The time has come for patriotic Americans from all walks of life and political ideologies to unite behind Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. The alternatives are all but guaranteed to be the final nails in the coffin of our crippled Republic. Those who require rehabilitation after a brutal past year in

Homeland Security To Release Harmless Gas In NYC Subway System For Bioterrorism Drill

DHS will release “harmless particle materials” in the city’s subway system next week. Don’t hold your breath, it’s only a test. The Department of Homeland Security will release “harmless particle materials” in the city’s subway system next week. The “non-toxic, safe gas material” will be released at subway stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens in

New York Supporters Eager to Represent Trump at Convention

New York Post Manhattan GOP Chairwoman Adele Malpass might be the most popular Republican in town now that Donald Trump won the state’s primary. Ritzy Republicans hoping to represent Donald Trump as delegates at the GOP Convention in Cleveland in July have been flooding Malpass’ inbox and burning up her cellphone. “Everyone is interested! I’m

DEAR AMERICA: Should These Students Have Been STOPPED from Singing the Natl. Anthem In THIS Place?

If you’re wondering why the next generation is becoming increasingly LESS patriotic, then you might find your answer here. When these students attempted to sing the National Anthem at a 9/11 memorial site, they were immediately shut down. Now, parents are outraged. Would you be upset about this too? Or do you think they shouldn’t

NYC Fire District Releases Statement About Donald Trump¦ Media Stunned

When Donald Trump spoke earlier this week in Buffalo, media critics lambasted him for allegedly confusing “9/11” with “7/11.” However, a theory emerged as to why Trump didn’t misspeak, one that the media refuses to acknowledge. The controversy all began Monday, as Trump was speaking before a crowd in Buffalo on the day before the New