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Trump triumphs: Two big takeaways after The Donald wins New York

William Whalen, There are two ways to analyze Donald Trump’s decisive win in New York’s presidential primary. First, it’s the acknowledgment of a big run for Trump this week and next during which the GOP frontrunner will amass delegates at a faster clip than any of the other three Republicans in the race – in

New York Republicans ignore Ted Cruz at GOP gala

 A stunningly distracted crowd of hundreds of Republicans almost entirely ignored Ted Cruz’s speech at the New York City GOP gala on Thursday night, instead chattering at their dinner tables, standing and taking selfies. Several casually left the dinner altogether. The crowd’s stark disregard for Cruz’s remarks followed months of controversy over Cruz’s suggestion in

Donald Trump Basks in Glow of New York Republicans

The brash billionaire was clearly enjoying himself at a GOP fundraiser just a mile south of his eponymous Trump Tower. After a rocky campaign stretch, it was good to be home for Donald Trump. The brash billionaire, whose campaign manager was all over the news again Thursday after he was cleared of a minor battery charge,