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News Media are allowed to say and write whatever they want even if it is Completely False

Jacob Sullum, Last week Donald Trump had a nice telephone chat with Nursultan Nazarbayev, the autocrat who has ruled Kazakhstan since 1989, two years before it broke away from the Soviet Union. According to the Kazakh government, the president-elect “stressed that under the leadership of Nursultan Nazarbayev, our country over the years of independence had

Trump the Twitter president: Social media gives him tweet revenge

Dan Gainor, Newly-elected President Donald Trump will soon take the helm of the world’s most-powerful job. He’ll command an expansive nuclear arsenal, an unparalleled military and a Twitter account with 16.9 million followers. That last item gives Trump the unique ability to go around the major media. It makes him a one-man super power –

Guns and Hoses: The News Media Helped Pull the Trigger

D.W. Wilber, On Wednesday evening, the night before Thanksgiving Day in St. Louis there will be a charity event called “Guns and Hoses”, an annual event pitting Police Officers and Firefighters against each other in amateur three round boxing matches. A celebratory evening bringing thousands of people together and filling the St. Louis hockey arena

Why Do Virtually All ˜News’ Media Hide an Exposé of CNN’s Lies?

Washington’s Blog – by Eric Zuesse On April 3rd, a news report was submitted to virtually all news-media, concerning the falsehood of a certain CNN story that allegedly explained why the U.S. is sending F-15 fighter-jets to Iceland. The CNN report placed it into context of U.S.-Russian relations, and falsely represented Russia’s and America’s respective

A.G. Order on Policy Regarding Questioning, Arresting, or Charging Members of the News Media

Public Intelligence  The following Attorney General Order was originally obtained and published by Charlie Savage of the New York Times.  It was subsequently published in the Federal Register on February 27, 2014. AG Order No. 3420-2014 Policy Regarding Obtaining Information From, or Records of, Members of the News Media; and Regarding Questioning, Arresting, or Charging Members of the

Ann Coulter: It Is ‘Appalling’ How News Media Are ‘Smitten’ With Wendy Davis

Rich Noyes  Appearing on FNC’s Hannity Wednesday night, conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter zinged the news media and the Democratic Party for being “so smitten” with Texas liberal Wendy Davis “because she’s going to stand up for killing babies. Oh, that’s great, that’s really speaking truth to power.” Now, Coulter said, even Davis has