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Clinton outspends Trump five to one — and it doesn’t seem to Help Her

Kathryn Blackhurst, The Election Year That Ads Didn’t Matter. Even though Hilary Clinton is outspending Donald Trump in the TV ad war by a massive five-to-one margin, the home stretch of the general presidential election season finds the two candidates practically neck-and-neck. The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign has blasted the airwaves with approximately $96.4 million. The Republican nominee has spent just $17.3 million

Filmmaker Exposes ˜Shadow Government’ Steering Washington Agenda

Infowars, Producer of Amerigeddon highlights how shadow elite governs from behind the scenes. Billionaire and producer of the film Amerigeddon, currently out in theaters, Gary Heavin brought light to the hidden players behind the globalist agenda and the Washington power structure in an appearance on Fox News Tuesday.  “There is a shadow government in Washington