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Is the Race Now Trump’s to Lose? #Election2016

John O’Sullivan, Two weeks ago, I wrote an analysis of the presidential race for the Australian newspaper. The polls still showed Hillary Clinton far ahead, but the race had begun to tighten. The smart money should still be placed on Clinton, I argued, but that could soon change: 2016 now looked as if it had

A Champion for the Cause RIP Phyllis Schlafly.

David Horowitz, FPM  This week we lost a great lady of the right. For seventy years Phyllis Schlafly was a warrior on the frontlines of the battles to defend the Republic against its enemies on the left both domestic and foreign. On Monday she passed at the age of 92, on the eve of the

Dr. Ben Carson: Charting a Course Between Principle and Pragmatism

 I recently was asked how I could possibly endorse the U.S. Senate candidacy of Dr. Monica Wehby, who is running as a Republican from Oregon. She is pro-choice, which in the opinion of many makes her unacceptable as a conservative. I called her to query her about her stance on this issue. She stated that