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No, President Trump Can’t Be Removed With the 25th Amendment

Daniel Greenfield,  Alternatively, this is embarrassing. Please stop. A House Democrat is calling for Congress to review the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, suggesting President Donald Trump is mentally “unstable.” Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who has represented a Portland district for 20 years, wrote in an op-ed that the 50-year-old amendment contains a “fatal flaw” that must

Rich Stearns Answers Questions About World Vision’s Gay Marriage Fiasco

In an attempt to create unity, World Vision managed to create a hornet’s nest around the issue of same-sex marriage. Its president Rich Stearns openly acknowledges the mistakes the relief organization made while flip-flopping on the issue. Earlier this week, the World Vision announced that it would allow employees to be in same-sex marriages. Within