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Will The Trump DOJ Finally Launch a Criminal Investigation Into Planned Parenthood?

Katie Pavlich, In late 2015, it was exposed through an undercover video investigation conducted by the Center for Medical Progress that Planned Parenthood was selling body parts of aborted babies, many of them late-term. The investigation was extensive, with some videos showing abortion “doctors” pushing around baby brains in a petri-dish and discussing their market

Michael Savage: ‘Deplorables’ Are ‘the Backbone of America

John Hayward, Breitbart Talk-radio icon Dr. Michael Savage, author of the new book Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama, was a guest on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM with Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow. Savage’s take on the current state of the presidential race began with his observation that “Grandma’s slip-and-fall certainly has awakened people to

Sex and Race Equality

Walter E. Williams  There are several race and sex issues that need addressing. Let’s look at a few of them with an ear to these questions: Should we insist upon equal treatment of people by race and sex or tolerate differences in treatment? And just how equal are people by race and sex in the

Real-life "Contagion" uses DNA to halt outbreak

If Hollywood needs a plot for a medical thriller, scientists at the National Institutes of Health have one: Doctors, using cutting-edge technology called whole-genome sequencing, trace an outbreak of a deadly bacterial infection, identify precisely how it’s spreading – and in the final minutes sic poison-spewing robots on the rampaging microbes.