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DC plans ‘full-scale’ terror attack drill, amid NK tensions

Local governments in the Washington, D.C., region are planning a “full-scale” terror attack drill for Wednesday – an exercise that comes amid mounting tensions with North Korea and other threats. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments confirmed in a press release that law enforcement and first responders will participate in the exercise “designed to prepare

Tillerson Set To Chair UN Meeting on NK as U.S. Warships Head to Korean Peninsula

Penny Starr, As U.S. warships head to the western Pacific Ocean to establish a presence near the Korean Peninsula, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is preparing to chair a meeting at the United Nations later this month focused on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, Voice of America reported. The strike team, dubbed Carl Vinson, includes an

Kim Jong-Un: Leader Bans Weddings, Funerals and Freedom of Movement in North Korea

Kayleigh Lewis | The Independent Weddings and funerals have been banned and Pyongyang is in lockdown as preparations for a once-in-a-generation party congress get underway in North Korea. The ruling Worker’s Party of Korea, headed by the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is due to stage the first gathering of its kind for 36 years on

Oral consumption of spirulina extract Enhances Antitumor Natural Killer Cells


Natural News – by L.J. Devon Researchers have discovered breakthrough advances in antitumor immunotherapy in the wake of an eye-opening study showing how spirulina extract activates natural killer cells to destroy tumors. What are natural killer cells? Natural killer cells are the body’s rapid responders when cells are under attack from virus or tumor formation. These